How to Take the Best Real Estate Pictures

Lorraine D. Silva  |  July 10, 2023

How to Take the Best Real Estate Pictures
You may have never realized it, but good pictures play an important role when it comes to sealing a real estate deal. According to a survey, buyers tend to consider pictures the most when searching for a house online. Hence, you can pitch potential buyers for your house with the help of some pictures of top-notch quality.

So, how can you take such photos of your house that will leave a good impression on the buyers? Let’s find out.
  1. Get a High-quality Camera

    Though cell phones can provide you with a heap of good pictures, their camera is not the best for taking real estate pictures. Surely, you can get some great shots of your house with the help of a high-quality camera.

    But often, getting a top-of-the-line camera can be out of your budget. In such a case, you can rent a camera. Make sure the camera you get allows you to use a wide array of lenses and is capable of producing professional-looking pictures.

  2. Clean and Declutter

    While taking pictures of your house, remember that the seller would be interested to look at the space and not the decorative items or furniture. Therefore, you need to stage your house properly so that it can catch the attention of potential buyers.

    Always make sure to clean your house and clear it of every kind of clutter like children’s toys, shoes, refrigerator magnets, artwork, or any other item that can distract potential buyers.

  3. Make the Most Use of Natural Lighting

    Using natural lights for taking pictures of your home is the best way to make rooms look brighter and more spacious. If you use flash instead of natural light, it can produce unappealing shadows or glares in the pictures. Hence, always prefer using natural light. If there’s no urgency, take pictures only when the sun is out.

    However, when you are taking pictures of your home’s exterior, choose the time of the day when the sun is not shining too bright. Notably, the sun can cast dark shadows on your house, which will ruin the shots. Hence, for taking exterior shots, a gloomy day would possibly be the best.

  4. Choose the Best Compositions and Angles

    There are certain compositions and angles that you should consider while taking pictures of your home. For instance, the best way to get a good shot of a room is to shoot from the doorway or a corner. This would allow you to show off as much of your room as possible.

    Furthermore, taking pictures of a room with this angle will also give the room context and make it appear spacious. As far as the pictures of the exterior of your house are concerned, you should take them from an angle instead of keeping the camera straight. Keep experimenting with the compositions until you get the perfect shot.

  5. Touch Up the Pictures

    Once you are done with the shoot, make sure to edit them as well, Good editing will help you get rid of the flaws and make the pictures stand out. 

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