How to Make Your Small House Look Bigger

Lorraine D. Silva  |  July 10, 2023

How to Make Your Small House Look Bigger
While small homes are relatively easier to maintain, many buyers prefer homes that appear spacious and big. Given that, it becomes challenging to decorate and organize your house in a way that’ll make it look more spacious and bigger.
But that can be done efficiently if you take the help of some smart and foolproof tricks. Read on to know what these tips are.
  1. Pick Light Colors

    Colors play an integral role when it comes to making your house look bigger. You can increase the size of a room by painting its walls with a light color. Typically, colors like off-white, mint, sky-blue, pale pink, and faded yellow are some of the shades that would work well here.

    Moreover, if you are struggling with choosing a color, go for white! You can never go wrong with white.

  2. Ditch the Drapes and Curtains

    Drapes and curtains can make your house look cluttered and messy. Hence, try to leave your walls drapes and curtain-free. Don’t add curtains to a room unless required.

  3. Multiple Windows

    Windows are another important thing when it comes to making a house look bigger. If your house has several windows, this would be a plus point for you. Leave the windows open and let maximum natural light enter your house.

  4. Leave the Windows Bare

    Leaving the windows bare is a good trick to make the rooms in your house appear bigger. Don’t cover the windows with curtains or blinds to add a sense of depth to your house.

  5. Use Long Curtains

    Since all of the windows cannot be left bare, you will be required to add curtains to some of them. And when you do that, make sure to use long curtains. Make sure the curtains cover from the ceiling to your floor instead of cropped up only for the window.

    Moreover, you can also get curtains of the same color as the walls. This will enable the colors to blend well and bring a sense of more area.

  6. Artificial Light 

    Since your house can’t get natural light all the time to appear big, you’d be required to add some artificial light to the rooms as well. Importantly, choosing the right light can have a profound impact on how spacious your house looks. The best thing to do here is to spread out different sources of light across the room.

    Remember that one ceiling light will create a pool of light in the center of the room. Instead, scatter the sources of light throughout the room. Place large floor lamps in some corners of the room. Also, go for cooler lighter instead of warm lights as it will help you add magnitude to your rooms.

  7. Minimum Accessories and Decorations

    A lot of accessories and decorations can make your house look cluttered and small. Get rid of all of the unneeded items and see how spacious your house looks.

  8. Get Furniture with Exposed Legs

    Furniture that comes with exposed legs is another good way to make your house look more spacious. The open space that you’d get under the desks or couches will significantly help in creating a sense of vastness.

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