How to Buy Your Dream House

Lorraine D. Silva  |  July 10, 2023

Image of a white bench next to a staircase with a dark wood banister
You, at some point in life, must have imagined what your dream house would be like. From the color of the walls and flooring to the kind of furniture it will have and how you will decorate it, you have visualized everything.
However, you have to understand that buying a house of your own is a complicated process. It takes time and requires you to consider a number of things. Only then you can get, if not the same, but a home similar to your dream house.

Here is a list of some of the important things you’ll have to take into account when buying a house.
  1. The Location

    While looking for a house, consider houses with a location that’d allow easy access to places like school, work, shopping, places of worship, parks, and recreation area. Also, see if the location provides convenient access to the main roads and how is the traffic flow there.

    You can save yourself from the hassle of long commutes and spending an unreasonable amount of fuel by considering the location of the house prior to buying it.

    Furthermore, where the house is located within the neighborhood should also be considered. For instance, some individuals prefer having their house near the main entrance, while others prefer being away from the traffic.
  2. The Size and Shape of the Lot

    Individuals often forget to consider the size and shape of the lot the house sits on. Importantly, the lot sizes can vary within a neighborhood. The size of the lot also plays an integral part in determining the interior of the house.

    Moreover, the plot can be of different shapes as well, which must be examined. This will help you determine the level of privacy you’ll have and you will be using the lawn and the driveway.

    If there seems to be some confusion regarding where one lot starts and ends, you can check the description and dimensions of the lot with the help of your Real Estate Agent. You can also consider having two lots instead of one and getting extra space.

  3. The Number of Bedrooms

    You must have an idea of how many bedrooms you would like your house to have. Usually, people want a house that has two bedrooms at least. If you have a big family, you should consider getting a house with more than two bedrooms.

    Moreover, the ideal number of bedrooms also depends on whether you want the kids to have separate rooms or shared rooms. If you get visitors frequently, you’d also need an extra bedroom as a guest room.

  4. The Condition, Style, and Age of Home Appliances

    Replacing appliances can cost you an arm and leg. Hence, you must take time to determine the condition and age of the appliances in the house. Also, make sure the kitchen is equipped with every essential appliance that’d use daily.

  5. Age of the House

    If you’re not going for new construction, make sure to estimate the age of the house. See if it has all the basic necessities. Also, you must see what kind of and how many upgrades and repairs the house needs.

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