How to Pick the Best Neighborhood for Yourself

Lorraine D. Silva  |  July 10, 2023

How to Pick the Best Neighborhood for Yourself
Apart from the house you will live in, the neighborhood is another important thing to consider while purchasing a house. Indeed, you can change the wallpaper and flooring of your house, but you cannot update your location or neighborhood once you have moved into the new house.

So, how can you make sure to not overlook the significance of the neighborhood while renting or buying your next home?

Here we have piled up some important things you must ask yourself while choosing your new house. Let’s learn more about it.

Consider Your Current Neighborhood

Being overwhelmed by the number of choices is normal. At times, it can also lead to the renter’s or buyer’s remorse. Hence, the best way to deal with such a problem is to ram down your criteria. You can do it efficiently by closely observing the neighborhood you are currently living in and then making a list of pros and cons.

Once you know what you like and dislike about your current neighborhood, make a third list. In this list, write all the things that you’d want your new neighborhood to have. Next, combine all of the lists and list down everything again as per your priorities.

Further, keep an open mind and decide what things you can and cannot live without. A neighborhood that ticks all the boxes will probably be out of your budget. Therefore, having your priorities straight ahead of time will make the process of selecting a house easier.

Also, make sure to hold on to the list of dislikes throughout the process. This would help you spot any potential red flags during the selection process.

See How Walkable the Neighborhood Is

Walkability is an important lifestyle decision. Approximately, 40% of renters prefer living in an urban setting, walkability is reported to be an important factor that they consider when deciding where to live.

Try asking yourself how much driving you’re willing to do and if you’re ready to own a car if you don’t have one already. Surely, owning a car would open up the options to rural areas and suburbs, but you’ll have to bear the costs of owning and maintaining a car.

Determine the Walkability and Commute

While choosing a neighborhood, you also need to determine the walkability and the commute to staples including grocery stores and hospitals. Moreover, it is also important to consider how near the neighborhood is to the place you’ll be regularly commuting to, like school and work.

Consider the Greens

Another thing that you need to take into account is what the neighborhood offers when it comes to green spaces. This is a very crucial thing if you’re someone who likes to stay close to nature.

Furthermore, the presence of green spaces is important as it provides some great health benefits. Some studies have also suggested that the availability of usable and accessible green spaces can have a significant impact on neighborhood satisfaction. Also, if you have pets who like to have a fun time in the parks, consider that point as well.

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